Sunday, February 15, 2009

Real Time Strategy Game Halo Wars Trailers

Hunters, Grunts, Plasma Rifles, Banshees, Ghosts, Spartans, Warthogs, and yes, even Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platforms!

Another birthday gift that had gone unnoticed.

Last February 5, Gamespot uploaded a Halo Wars demo trailer and while it's not for the PC, given that it's a real-time strategy game, I'm hoping Microsoft will port the RTS to the PC in the coming years. (Though who's gonna port it is going to be THE question, given that Ensemble Studios is closing shop after the release of this real-time strategy game that's steeped in the well-known Halo universe.)


"He's everywhere!!" - Covenant Grunt

I'm sure a lot have seen this but nonetheless, here's the first trailer:


TheStooge said...

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Shazbot said...

Thanks! I'll check it out later; doing some digital art atm.