Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poem in Honor of Dynamix, the Creators of the First-Person Shooter Game Tribes 2

This is not mine.

Some dude made a poem in honor of the now defunct Dynamix, the creator of two of the most unique first person shooter games of all time, Starsiege: Tribes and its sequel, Tribes 2. I've made articles about the series and the latest, "Downloadable Free PC FPS Multiplayer Shooter: TribesNext - Full Game Tribes 2" can be found HERE.

The poem:

When November died in ninety-eight
I went dancing in the rain
And if you came to waltz with me
You'd never be the same

The clouds above were dull and grey
But we were bloodied red
As eagles we flew above the hills
Swooping o'er the walking dead

On grassy hills hollow armor's strewn
Where the tired could no longer fly
So many came, so many slew
So many paused to die

Ten years have passed and still we war
For pride and honor alone
Now ground down to a steely corps
Time's attrition gnaws our bones

The battle's rage is all but spent
Our soldiers worn and weary
Yet rally round the banner men
And remember days less dreary

When November died in ninety-eight
And we went dancing in the rain
And all who came to soar with me
Would never be the same

- 'Nikolai'
In Honor of Dynamix

The reference to "November ninety-eight" is what strikes me; that's the release date of the original Tribes, the game that started it all.