Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sarah McLachlan It Isn't

Crispin!! Basillio!! Part 2

And so after nearly ten years of wondering who is singing that song that has only the phrase "thank you" for its chorus, I finally got the name.

(It wasn't the Alanis song I was looking for you annoying buggers! That to some of my cousins who insisted.) Lol! I can't sing to save my life and I didn't know the lyrics so no one knew what I was blabbering about. I tried Google all those years back but the first page was deluged with Alanis links. I got tired searching. Now after several years I searched anew and this time other names popped up. I found her among the jungle of names. To think I bought "Surfacing" thinking Sarah was the singer hehe! Thanks to Vivien for introducing me to Sarah McLachlan's music and made me a fan.

Lol! That (wrong!) album was so intertwined with that chapter of my life that everytime I hear its songs I remember the times. I remember the skating rink kissing scene with a girl. I remember us leaning back to back in one of our study sessions. I remember her favorite playful phrase "basta, basta". I remember it was that same girl and me that made the private study area in our library available for groups of three or more only.

I miss the girl but not just because of her. I miss that time. I remember NCPF. I remember it was not only one girl haha! I remember one with a surname that can fit in an elven saga (and who I think, bound me with elven magic for a time). I remember that girl's favorite playful phrase "maulit sad ta." I remember Vitasoft. I remember being dragged from my slumbers by two women ---- from a seaside cliff ---- in a forest --- in the early morning --- so we could go swimming in the reefs.

Dang, I'd give anything to have the ability to go back there at will.

Songs. So potent.

Yet that magical time is over; if I met them now, all that remains are the experiences, the past, mini-legends lost forever. I am sharing it now with my wife and there are no favorite playful phrases; only that wonderful lilt whenever she says "bag" or "pan". I listen to new songs and with time, when I listen to them, I will remember the magic that is now.

Anyway, enough with the babble. You can listen to the song HERE and see its lyrics HERE.

And no, it's not Sarah McLachlan, it's Natalie Merchant but I am thankful for "Surfacing", thankful for the memories contained in it.