Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Download Dox Optimised 182.46 Video Card Graphic Driver

WARNING: This is a 3rd-party, Nvidia-based tweaked video card driver. Nvidia does not support this software. I also have not tested this one yet. Install at your own risk.

Dox of released Dox Optimised 182.46 last March 26. The driver no longer supports hybrid laptops and quadro cards but supports a wide range of Nvidia GeForce video cards (series 6 all the way to the GT200).

It also doesn't come with PhysX, which is a relief for users whose cards don't support it. As a result, the installer is very small, weighing in at 27.3Mb.

The driver "is tweaked for higher performance with minimal loss in IQ (system dependent)."

Download Dox Optimised 182.46 HERE.

(It's spelled that way; a lot of users search for "Dox Optimized.")