Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free WoW Clone Runes of Magic - How to Tier a Weapon Using Random Fusion Stones

I made a guide on how to tier a weapon in Runes of Magic, a World of Warcraft clone made by Runewaker Entertainment:

A more detailed version of the guide and links to other freeware games can be found after the jump.

(Before reading this guide, please read the help section in your Arcane Transmutator page. You can access this page by doing the following:

1. Click "B" to access your inventory.
2. Click on the treasure chest icon (found on the lower left).
3. On the Arcane Transmutator (henceforth referred to as "AT"), click on the question mark.)

This is a tutorial for tiering a tier 3 weapon to a tier 4 one.

Here I've already bought: 1. nine tier 3 cloth belts from the Obsidian Stronghold cloth merchant and 2. nine random fusion stones from the wizards at West Varanas (also I've already produced three tier 3 mana stones by fusing three of the belts with three of the RFS):

This is done by placing one tier 3 belt and one RFS in the AT:

The result, as mentioned before, is a tier 3 mana stone:

We need three of these as, as mentioned in the help section of the AT page:

(Tier Y Mana Stone) x (3) = 1 Tier (Y+1) Mana Stone. (So Tier 3 Mana stone + Tier 3 Mana stone + Tier 3 Mana stone = Tier 4 Mana stone.)

Here's me having fused all the base components. The results are three sets of Tier 3 Mana Stones:

Combining the sets to form three Tier 4 Mana Stones:

Why do we need three Tier 4s? Again, as mentioned in the help section of the AT page:

3(Tier Y) + Tier (Y-1) Weapon/Equipment of your choice = Tier Y Weapon/Equipment of your choice.

(Simply put, 3 fusion stones of the same tier fused with a Weapon/Equipment of your choice will yield the same equipment with the same tier as that of the Mana Stones you fused it with.)

Placing my Tier 3 weapon with the three Tier 4 Mana Stones in the AT:

Checking the preview window before confirming:

The entire process summarized in a spreadsheet:

I used to hate them but my manager taught me they are at the very least, a necessary evil. Thanks Li! :D

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