Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nvidia Fixes GeForce/ION 257.21's Profile Bug, Releases GeForce/ION 258.96 (Beta)

Nvidia's release last June 15, v257.21, was an excellent video driver in terms of image quality. However, it had some flaws in the form of a game profile bug --- some users complained that the GeForce/ION driver didn't save the game profile parameters they set in the Nvidia video driver's control panel. A few days ago, Nvidia released a beta, GeForce/ION 258.96, and from what I've read, the driver doesn't seem to have the profile bug that its predecessor had. Will test this out tomorrow.

The download link after the jump.

>>>See Nvidia video driver benchmark results here

Get the Nvidia GeForce/ION video driver HERE. Please take note that this is just a beta (but hey, if you've been reading the forums---and my post above, WHQL drivers have bugs. :P). Also please remember to choose your video card and the OS you're using in the drop-down fields that the webpage supplies.