Wednesday, February 2, 2011

League of Legends' Kayle

All my friends hate this hero. I like Kayle though; popping an ulti on the team's DPS in the middle of a 5-versus-5 skirmish, and eliciting "FUUUUUU---!"s from the opposing team make for great lulzfests.

People stuck with the late 80s "all-video-games-are-super-mario-brothers-clones" mentality should really wake up. LISTEN TO THE COMMENTARY AND WIDEN YOUR HORIZONS. More than two decades have passed and if you think things have stagnated in the industry, you might want to rethink your location; living under a rock does have its disadvantages.

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Shania said...

I like the bright and colorful world of this game. The audio side of the game is generally pleasant with solid music and effects, but I can do without the repetitive unit acknowledgements.

Ildamos said...

"repetitive unit acknowledgements" --- sadly in this department, only games made by Blizzard shine. Even the Command and Conquer series doesn't have as huge a repertoire of responses as games made by Blizzard have.