Sunday, July 24, 2011

League of Legends - Kayle Rework in Upcoming Patch

So I just saw this:

Now that I've completed my rune page (in my second account; I didn't migrate my first), the developers of the freeware strategy game decide to rework her. With Righteous Fury now enjoying a bumped up base damage but suffering from an AP ratio nerf, the Magic Pen runes I've invested in aren't as potent anymore.

Still I'm quite glad they made this. I've been a Kayle player ever since I started playing this freeware PC RTS and my complaint with her last rework was that she was so dependent on her teammates to carry for her early to mid-game. Unlike other heroes like Tryndamere or Rammus who can still turn the tide of a match even when their teammates suck, Kayle just couldn't do anything to own the field by her lonesome in the early stages. This rework should fix that.

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