Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Downloadable Free PC Full Version Third-Person Shooter CrimeCraft

More and more developers nowadays are considering the microtransaction model in powering their ventures in the video games industry. Vogster Entertainment has just launched its third-person shooter CrimeCraft on Steam as a downloadable full version freeware PC game.

While the game may not have the appeal of free FPS that have jumped in the Call of Duty bandwagon, it does have several innovative twists, some of the most prominent of which are its atmosphere and background. CrimeCraft is the very first free to play MMMO shooter that has a post-holocaust atmosphere, replete with gameplay modes that revolve around gang wars. While some may say it's a Fallout clone, I've the feeling this shooter game is more of a Grand Theft Auto type sans the sandbox component.

I might try this game out in the weeks ahead.

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really it's a great game and i will try to download it . thanks alot about the game and this great post keep on going i hope to see more from you

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