Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Freeware Full Version Space Simulator - Wing Commander Saga's Impending Release + Other Freeware News

Hang on to your throttle controls as the biggest freeware release is happening within 24 hours! A group of people have been developing a full version freeware version of Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger and they've finished their 10-year project. Here's a taste of the downloadable free space simulator, which puts you in the midst of the ending phases of the human-kilrathi war:

The download link and other PC freeware news after the jump.

Click HERE to visit the official Wing Commander Saga site

In other parts of the freewaresphere, updates have been launched:

Xonotic upgrades to version 0.6 - Xonotic is the successor to the Nexuiz project, one whose development has been largely defunct after Illfonic developed a Steam version of the project.

I've regarded Nexuiz as probably the best freeware in terms of graphics. Check out this gameplay video:

Download Xonotic HERE

Dwarf Fortress upgrades to version 0.34.05. - Although it's nowhere near version 1.00.00, I consider Dwarf Fortress as the best game ever, retail games included. This freeware god game lets you build a fortress Dungeon Keeper style. You can't directly control the dwarves though you can queue up tasks for them. It's like a gigantic, digital ant farm except with humans, dwarves, elves, and yes, goblins. And cats. Lots of cats. Oh yes, lots of cats.

Watch this tutorial video:

Download the game from HERE

If the ASCII graphics (warning: only for l337 gamers haha!), bother you, download the game from HERE (includes Stonesense, a third-party freeware utility that enables you to see your fortress in isometric mode).

Watch a Stonesense'd Dwarf Fortress game session:

Finally, UFO: Alien Invasion (of which I already gave a review recently), is being updated to version 2.4.

Here's a UFO: Alien Invasion version 2.4 "Effects Preview" video:

2.4 Effects Preview Video - Mod DB

Here's a partial changelog:

* Added support for armour penalty. Heavy armour decreases available TUs now.
* New battle mode: Alien rush (endless-alien-respawn-feature).
* World entity interaction with the mouse is now possible (e.g. open doors)
* Highlight entities that can be used by an actor (e.g. doors)
* Implemented smoke grenades
* Implemented fire fields for incendiary grenades and rockets
* Reworked and enhanced civilian teams (nations)
* Added possibility to use "special civilian teams" on certain maps
* New civilian teams (scientists, workers, miners, soldiers)
* Randomspawn of the enemy is now enabled on many maps