Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wing Commander Saga Tutorial - Where to Find It

One of the (few) complaints about this free PC sci-fi space sim is the way its main menu is designed; players who immediately click on the first "Start" they see are more likely going to be ushered into the main single player campaign with no idea what keys do what. Myself I got treated to one of the biggest spoilers when I made the same mistake. I've made this guide in the hope that new players will immediately know how to access the Wing Commander Saga tutorial.

After the jump: the guide.

When you start up the game, you'll see this screen:


DO NOT click on the blast door that says "Start or continue a campaign"! Instead, click this person (notice where the cursor is ):


The message at the bottom should read: "Campaign Room - View all available campaigns." Click. You should see this screen:


Click Prologue. (I've no idea why the developers put "The Darkest Dawn" first on the list (and why I didn't click on the Prologue lol!).) You should be greeted by this screen:

Click here to start the Prologue (which also doubles as the Wing Commander Saga tutorial):

The Wing Commander Saga tutorial assigns you to the Wellington while the main campaign assigns you to the TCS Hermes:

That's how to access the Wing Commander Saga tutorial. I hope this helps.

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