Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Dwarf Fortress for Me Is Still One of the Best Games Even Up to This Very Day

So I found this comic strip, which details a battle between dwarven and elven armies---and a big @$$ dragon:

Art by Tim Denee. Taken from:

In all probability the above happened during one of Tim Denee's playthroughs. Why am I convinced that is so? More fantastical things have happened. Check out the guy's story about the near-demise of Bronzemurder, another of his fortresses:

You can download this game from: Make sure to download the Lazy Newb Pack, which contains various mods, including Stonesense, which converts Dwarf Fortress' ASCII graphics to an isometric 8-bit-esque view that's easier on the eyes:

Dwarf Fortress with Stonesense installed. Taken from: