Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nvidia GeForce 191.07 WHQL Hang Crash Desktop Problems

Nvidia's latest WHQL video card driver, the GeForce 191.07 (they dropped the "Forceware" several months back), is not as perfect as its WHQL label claims it to be (one reason why I trust 3rd-party Nvidia-based video card drivers --- even WHQL ones have bugs so wth). Nvidia's latest offering seems to cause hang and crash problems in several games. There are also games that stutter with this Nvidia video card driver.

Links to forum discussions about 191.07 hang and crash problems after the jump.

Negative comment (Nvidia forums): "However 191.07 drivers are like malign cancer spreading metastases in OS here and there, so I am not sure whether driver sweeper kills them all."

Advisory (Sims 3 forums): "there is currently an issue with the NVidia 191.07 drivers and the Sims 3 game. "

Problem with the new GeForce 191.07 video card driver (techPowerUp! forums)

Stuttering issues (TweakForce forums under New Drivers > 191.07 WHQL thread): "
major stuttering during Artillery strikes in Call of duty WAW."

Of course, there are others who have not experienced any problems with this video card driver on their PCs but I've never encountered such manifold complaints about an Nvidia driver. I'm going back to Xtreme-G 190.62.

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Anonymous said...

Same, I got desktop crash and Demigod is crashing after few minutes of play...