Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review: Downloadable Free PC FPS Horror Shooter Zombpocalypse

So you've just gone home from the office and all these numbers are swirling in your cranium. Cranium. Yes, to de-stress you want to bash some heads in. You can't do that to your neighbors --- the cops will get you. A game. Yes you want a game. One that involves simple mindless shooting and none of the banal complexities that games nowadays tend to force on their players. A flash game perhaps? You click the Mozilla Firefox ico---wait.

I've got something better.

It has got all the gore you want, the simple mindlessness of the catharsis that you crave for, all in one adrenaline-pumping package that recalls back the days of arcade yore. Layer this with advanced graphics effects like specular, lightmaps, dynamic shadows, muzzle flashes, and advanced shaders and you've got one hell of a zombie shooter.

Image taken from the Zombpocalypse official site. Posted here for the sole purpose of promoting the game.

And it's free.

The review after the jump.

Zombpocalypse is a downloadable freeware zombie survival third-person shooter. And while the game barely squeaks through to be called a "full version game," all its other aspects forcefully cut through skin, bone, and innards where presentation is concerned.

To be fair, FilePlanet does tout it as a "demo" and not a full version PC game. The game puts you in the role of a survivor who runs around a number of maps that you can select from, mowing ranks of undead down, gathering weapons that intermittently spawn at fixed locations around the tiny maps.

That's right, there is no progression, no storyline, no boss fights, just you running around killing dead things that had refused to die the first time.

But oh man, does it deliver; everything from the shadows, the lighting, the specular effects --- this is one game that impresses. The audio is superb in that guns are a joy to fire. The game's flamethrower is sick: it has got the right amount of hiss and basso effects to it while the game's magnum sounds so powerful you'll be grinning diabolically everytime you manage to snatch it.

And snatch everything you will. Every moment in this game involves you running. Take a hit from an infected, and the screen shakes and blur. Get your health level low enough and you'll begin to limp around.

Which is a bad thing. Pouncers and leapers anyone? How about huge zombies that can breathe fire?

Yeah, you need to run. Every. Single. Time.

It's just you and waves of undead circling around like the stark raving mad people that you all are in this game. And you are going to do this in tiny areas that barely can be called levels, such is their Lilliputian dimensions.

As much as I'd like to go on extolling the game, Zombpocalypse does come in a filesize that's as small as the levels it contains. The 39Mb filesize already serves as a caveat to first-time players of the game --- aside from the things I've mentioned, there really isn't anything to do in the game aside from running around blasting animated rotting corpses while picking up health packs and weapons.

However, if you think of it as an arcade trip with advanced graphics trappings, this free PC zombie shooter more than delivers. And for $0, it's well worth the price of bashing some craniums in.

Without harming your neighbors.

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