Friday, February 5, 2010

CaptainD's Star Wars: Republic Commando Review (PC FPS Game)

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Below is a review of retail PC FPS game Republic Commando. Dave, the owner of CaptainD's PC Gaming Blog was generous enough to give me permission to post his review of the PC first-person shooter game here.

Below are excerpts of the said review:

Image taken from the Star Wars: Republic Commando Wiki page

"Minimum / Recommended System Specs:
CPU: Pentium III 1 GHz / Pentium IV 2+ GHz
RAM: 256 MB / 512 MBVPU: 64 MB 128Mb
DirectX: 9.0
Ran perfectly on my Packard Bell iPower X9810 (GeForce 9800Gt, 4Gb RAM, Dual-Core CPU) running Vista 64-Bit. Didn't even need patching - virtually unheard of for a LucasArts game!"

The rest of the excerpt, link to the FULL PC FPS review, and two awesome trailers after the jump.

"Star Wars: Republic Commando opens up the door to a hitherto little explored set of characters in the Star Wars universe. Whereas we might think of the Stormtroopers as a group of disposable cloned warriors (which is, in truth, how they're usually portrayed), this puts you in the role of a commando, the leader of Delta Squad - not your everyday, run-of-the-mill clone. Together with your three team members, each of whom has a particular speciality, you will perform daring missions (while those pesky Jedi will get all the media coverage).

Republic Commando is basically a squad-based first person shooter; you only directly control your own character, but you can ask squad members or the squad as a whole to perform particular actions. The squad interface is very simple and easy to get used to; this does perhaps limit the strategic options for deployment, but considering that you'll be spending most of your time trying to stay alive yourself, that's not really a problem.

Video uploaded by Darthlebeau1

The thing that really impressed me about the game (though the game play is good in itself) was the presentation. Right from the opening sequence where you are "born" and introduced to the world and what your life will be by one of the Kaminoans, the race who genetically developed the clone trooper race. From there you are plunged into battle in a pivotal encounter in The Clone Wars, and the graphics are very good throughout, with some cool effects, such as your vision being unfocused when you've just been revived.

All in all, Star Wars: Republic Commando is a very solid game, perhaps a little uninspiring in terms of variety and originality, but it does what it does very well and the aesthetics allow you to get immersed in the game world. FPS fans and Star Wars geeks will obviously get more out of it than others. I'm more the latter, of course. It's also easy to pick this up cheaply nowadays - I got mine pre-owned for £3.99 from GameStation."

Video uploaded by Darthlebeau1

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