Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free PC FPS Full Spectrum Warrior Lag Stutter Framerate Problems and How to Solve Them

[Note: Full Spectrum Warrior is not a first-person shooter. However, instead of making a new category for third-person shooter games, I decided to incorporate this into my "Free PC FPS" category.]

Video uploaded by Wozu999

I recently came across the news that Full Spectrum Warrior had been released as a downloadable free full version shooter game years ago. I downloaded the installer, installed the game, and... got confounded. The game ran alright --- except that my mouse lagged big time, the intro stuttered, and the free PC FPS game produced abysmal framerates.

I scoured the Internet for a solution to the frames per second problem and found the solution. It can be found after the jump.

The remedy: disable your Internet connection AFTER you launch the game.

How this is done:

1. Launch the game.
2. Alt-Tab and access your PC's Control Panel.
3. Go to Network Connections.
4. Disable your connection to the Internet.
5. Alt-Tab back to the game (or click on the free PC FPS game's tab on the taskbar).

Full Spectrum Warrior should run flawlessly.

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