Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free Full Version PC RPG Game Review: Dark Disciples 2 (Guest Post by Captain D)

Fellow writer Dave Seaman has sent in a guest post about Dark Disciples 2, one of the free full version RPG PC games I've been curious about these past few days.

The review and the download link after the jump.

It's often a good sign when I start playing a game one day, and feel able to review it the next because I've not been able to stop playing it. That's what happened with Dark Disciples 2.

Don't expect anything impressive graphically - you just get a basic tileset generated landscape and very simple animation. This doesn't really matter though as it's easy to see what's what and as the game is turn-based anyway, it doesn't really matter about the lack of animation. The game is pretty much a Rogue-like; though there is a storyline that you can follow, you can go anywhere and do anything you want, as long as your character is levelled up enough to try. This is a strength in that you can explore the huge game world at will without feeling the constraints of a linear structure; it's also a weakness in that finding out what you can actually do without being killed instantly takes a lot of trial and error sometimes.

The game is certainly no pushover, but care has been taken to make it possible to complete most things - in one way or another - no matter what type of character you develop. The keyboard shortcuts and style of the game take a little getting used to, but once you do it's a satisfying experience. There are side-quests galore and hundreds of characters to talk to. Despite the limited graphics the game creates a game world that feels as if it could be a real place.

The level-up system is well implemented; perhaps it feels like it shouldn't take quite as long as it does to level up, but you'll certainly feel that you've earned it when it happens. All in all, Dark Disciples 2 is a very challenging and immersive game.

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