Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free MMO RPG Aika Online IP Ban - gPotato's Reply to my Query

So I've heard from my friends that after playing Aika Online's CBT and a few weeks in the free MMO's Open Beta Test, gPotato abruptly announced that it will no longer cater to its global player base and will be serving North American players only. The company then announced that it may impose an IP ban on all non-NA players.

While I have absolutely no problem with regional restrictions (they do have to support their company's expenses and pursue and exceed profit margins), the abruptness appalls me. I don't know, maybe they gave warnings and telltale signs weeks back but judging from my friends' response to the whole thing (and forum posters vehemently complaining about the "1-day" warning), maybe gPotato didn't make strides to effectively disseminate the developers' intentions.

I directed two tweets to AikaOnline
, the game's official tweeter page, and they replied with a private message.

The message after the jump.

Additional official Aika Online IP ban news update HERE (as of April 8).

[UPDATE: The above is outdated news. Please see THIS POST.]