Sunday, April 18, 2010

Download Realtek HD High Definition Audio Codec 2.47 Update

Nothing impressive with this one; on my system the bass and treble have been toned down a bit (nothing that can't be fixed in the HD control panel though). The mid frequencies however, are more solid this time around.

[EDIT: Just remembered that new installs mess up the volume settings. I fixed them and then had to listen to the tracks of Aquasky's Original Crime video twice --- version 2.47 is that awesome. What with the mid freqs having undergone a quality overhaul, this update is a must download.]

The download link and my Realtek HD High Definition 2.42 equalizer settings after the jump.

>>>Click HERE


audio codecs said...

Will it decode ac3filter?

Ildamos said...

I have no idea. I've never delved into the nuances of audio technology. I just download the latest version for the audio improvements they bring. :D