Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gamespot on id Software's Latest Game Project, Rage

I'm quite excited about this. Not about the game itself, but the ramifications that will come with its release. About five years ago, I got introduced to Doom 3, my first glimpse into game engines that utilized bump mapping and specular effects. For me it was a milestone; it eradicated the bygone era wherein surfaces were mostly flat and textures were just images pasted on flat sides of video game objects. Doom 3 brought a whole new dimension in video game immersion.

And then John Carmack announced that the game's engine (id Tech 4) will eventually be released as open source. This news is just mind blowing. I've been playing freeware games for years now and mostly all are powered by Quake 2 graphics or even engines that are more ancient. For id Tech 4 to be released as freeware, well just imagine the slew of free games that will flood the Internet.

It is my hope that the release of Rage---id Software's current project that is powered by id Tech 5---will hasten the release of Doom 3's engine.

I mean what's not to like about this news? Freeware games with this level of graphics:

Woot! (Credit: id Software )

Rage video:

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