Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MechWarrior 4 Update: Mektek Takes More Than 100,000 Hits, Crumples but is now Live Again

Right after their announcement of Mechwarrior 4 being released as freeware, the Mektek site took more than 100,000 hits from eager fans --- and promptly collapsed under the torrent.

News from and Mektek after the jump.

I've noticed just this afternoon that Mektek is live once again. Aside from apologizing to the public about the buggy state of MTX, the site's download client, the people at Mektek have released news that they will soon be releasing a separate downloadable Mechwarrior 4 client that can be downloaded without using MTX.

The details from on what happened several minutes after the Mechwarrior 4 release.

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