Thursday, August 19, 2010

About the Freeware Games on my Site

[UPDATE: Thanks to blogger Alexgophermix, I just learned that EA has revamped their Command & Conquer Classics page. Links to the free games now redirect to the Command & Conquer: Last Decade PC games package. This doesn't change a thing though. Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and Command & Conquer: Firestorm are still free games. Reputable sites like Gamespot still host the full versions of these PC freeware classics.]

Some visitor just complained about Firestorm not being free. His complaint reads:

"that link u said was free to download command and conquer game,, is not free man. it asked u to join gamespot or watever the site is and asks for a credit card number.. dont lie about that stuff"

First off, the link I provided in my "Free Full Version PC Strategy Games News: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Firestorm Released as Freeware" article, directs you to the OFFICIAL EA Command and Conquer Classics site. Clicking on any one of those games redirects you to the official host of that game, which is Fileplanet, not Gamespot.

"Freeware downloads commander!" in all caps. In yellow font. On the header. On the OFFICIAL EA Command & Conquer Classics page.

Second, any gamer who has downloaded a fair share of patches, mods, and the occasional freeware knows that downloading files from Fileplanet and Gamespot requires you to register first and that the REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR BOTH SITES IS FREE.

There are two types of servers: the free public ones and the ones for the subscribers. Choose any one of the free ones (take note of the queue times).

Third, Fileplanet now also requires you to install COMRADE, their very own download manager that connects you to other players. It's a bit like Steam's auto-updater, the old Gamespy or Xfire. AGAIN, THE SERVICE IS FREE.


"As of February 12, 2010, Electronic Arts has made the game available to download for free in order to promote their latest game in Command & Conquer series.[2] This version of Tiberian Sun was extracted from The First Decade compilation by Electronic Arts, and has been found broken, as it fails to play the Nod introduction movie, among other newly introduced bugs with the EA's release of The First Decade."

This site does not condone piracy. All games reviewed here are freeware (unless otherwise noted like the retail games I've bought or the demos I've reviewed) --- they are legal to download. My December 20, 2008 article draws out my stance regarding piracy.

Please google and check the facts first before laying down accusations.

Thank you and happy gaming.


online tech support said...

Whoever complained should be greatful you are providing help and information anyway. Some people are just unappreciative. Have you tried that onlive thing?

Ildamos said...

I just noticed this comment. Yep, it's a sad case. I just want people to research first before bawling off.

Yes, I have Comrade installed but aside from downloading freebies, I don't use it much. I've never explored the Comrade platform and besides, all my gamer friends are on Steam.