Monday, August 23, 2010

Quake Wars Demo Gameplay Video

I spent most of yesterday getting some R&R after attending two birthday bashes. I got nostalgic and decided to try out the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo. Happy to see it still has a robust community.

Quake Wars still lives! I played in a server filled to the brim with REAL people and won a "Best in Light Weapons" award.

After the jump: the awesome behind-kicking vid filled with Lacerators, tanks, railguns, and kablooey!s that will drive Michael Bay go running off crying to his momma.

Click the line below to see the vid:


Roland said...

Looks cool. I highly doubt it, but will it run on a 128mb graphics card?

Ildamos said...

This game is old (back when the GeForce 6600 GT came out if memory serves) so yes, I think so. You may have to lower a handful of eye candy options though.

Thanks for viewing!