Monday, December 13, 2010

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Gameplay Videos and Tweaks

I tried out this freeware DLC first-person shooter (free if you own Half-Life 2 or The Orange Box) and got a surprise. While I've read that this free PC shooter game is incredibly short (it is; it's only 38 minutes or so), I didn't expect this Steam game to be so graphically arresting.

>>>Click here for the tweaks I've made to the PC shooter game to improve frames per second and overall PC first-person shooter performance.

The village of St. Olga is located on the shores of a large, idyllic cove flanked by moss-encrusted granite cliffs. Entrenched on one is a Byzantine monastery, looking so much like a sword thrust into the rocky spire like a weapon from the Arthurian legends, a bastion of hope looming over the rustic town.

Unfortunately, Combine soldiers have built a Headcrab Shell launcher, an alien device that launches metal pods into densely populated areas. Inside the pods are (tada!) Headcrabs, alien organisms the size of melons that look like gigantic ticks. These parasites pounce on any human they find, transforming their hosts into Headcrab Zombies.

It's, needless to say, your job to destroy the infernal machine.

Me playing the the free Steam shooter game on my PC:

The second video and tips on how to improve PC performance and the various tweaks I made to improve the graphics in the above video after the jump.

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