Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nvidia 260.99 Video Card Graphic Driver Benchmark Software Results

It has been a long time since I did modified and WHQL driver benchmarks but finally I found the time to test Nvidia's most recent WHQL release. I also included's Xtreme-G version of the same Nvidia driver. Both performed well in my benchmarks, producing richer, crisp colors than earlier Nvidia video card drivers. They exhibited inferior frame rates compared to version 196.21 but their image quality is well worth the framerate drop. (The Xtreme-G version performed marginally better than the vanilla WHQL driver in the tests though; its FPS rates were better by a couple of frames in several of the runs. Not substantial but still worth mentioning, given that modified Xtreme-G drivers produce superior image quality.)

The Nvidia 260.99 video card graphic driver benchmark software results (both WHQL and modified) after the jump.

The Nvidia 260.99 is one of the more impressive drivers I've tested. In the Lost Planet performance test, I was able to discern splotches of green in some of the aliens' carapace, something I didn't notice in earlier video card driver runs.

>>>See the Nvidia 260.99 video card graphic driver benchmark software results HERE (The link leads to my benchmark results page, which shows benchmark software results of Nvidia graphic drivers I've installed and tested.)