Monday, May 21, 2012

Half-Life Mod Black Mesa: Source Getting Released "Soon"

The Half-Life modification Black Mesa: Source has shown strong signs of life once again. While there is still no release date for the free-to-play mod, a recent Rock, Paper Shotgun interview has revealed that the game's development is going at a fast clip with lead developer Carlos Montero saying that their going to release the game in the "soon-ish" timeframe.

Image taken from the free PC game's official site

The links to the interview after the jump.  

First off, for the uninformed, you might want to read this article on what Black Mesa is. The project isn't just another "Half-Life HD" project (though you may want to check such a project if you want something to tide you over until the downloadable Half-Life mod gets released) as the developers have taken care to capitalize on the improvements that the gaming industry has learned over the past 10 years. While they're still taking care to be as faithful as possible to the source material, the PC game's developers have thrown in improvements that they think will further improve player's experiences with their freeware project. The deathcam feature, for example, is a nifty addition. 

Here's a basic rundown of Black Mesa's features:

  • Play for free. You need not own anything! 
  • Feast your eyes on over 2,000 custom Models and 5,000 custom textures – more than HL2.
  • Experience over 2,000 choreographed scenes and over 6,500 lines of dialogue from all new voice acting.
  • Immerse yourself in an all new soundtrack and over 2,300 custom sound effects. 
  • Feel the impact of custom systems such as the Face Creation System, Custom Gib System, Deathcam and more.
See the Rock, Paper Shotgun interview HERE. For the second part, click HERE