Monday, September 24, 2012

Runic Games Has Released the First Torchlight 2 Update

I've been playing a lot of Torchlight 2 lately and I must say this is an awesome game. (Diablo naysayers please don't launch a tirade here. Please know that the Torchlight 2 devs made up Blizzard North; they were responsible for developing the first two Diablo games. I'm planning to play both games so relax. ;) )

That's my Engineer. A slain Undead Champion lies destroyed in the foreground.

Runic Game has truly hit the ground running; barely a week after the game's release, they've released the first patch. You can see the changelog and the first video of my "Let's Play Torchlight 2 HD (Engineer; Normal)" YouTube series after the jump.

TravisBaldree of Runic Games wrote:

Hey everybody! It's early early in the morning, but our first post-release patch just went live.
We have a list of other stuff we will be doing in upcoming patches, but we wanted to get one out ASAP to fix some initial issues-

Here's the goods!

*Fixed a potential crash bug when applying affixes and effects in certain circumstances
*Fixed rare crash when turning in quest in the Undercurrents.
*Put in protection against character save file corruption. Corrupted characters will not appear in the list of characters. (And thus can't cause the game to crash on load)

*Fix for Berserker geyser proc showing up as a mappable skill.
*Fix for triggering Shocking Burst and Arc Beam out of range while hitting shift that could cause chain casting.
*'Resist Slow' affix fixed.
*Proc affixes scale better with player level.
*Berserker 'Wolf Shade' now has the (intended) 60 second cooldown applied to all ranks.
*Fix for mistriggering when chaining two skills together when there is an early hit-frame.
*Safety check to stop any looping skills that get stuck in the 'on' state when the character is not performing a skill.
*Fixed bug with 'Poison Burst' procs (they should properly engage at more distant ranges).
*Fix for potential issue when units would queue removed/unavailable skills.
*Fix for having more than 100% reduction to charge decay or a negative flat charge decay.

*Made significant optimizations to particle collisions.

*Fix a bug when recalculating the price on objects to make sure the calculation is based on the correct data.
*Fix for bug where rapid clicks could misspend stat points.
*Removed access to console commands in multiplayer games.
*The game's login dialog now correctly allows passwords up to 64 characters long.
*Removed display of other users' IP addresses in multiplayer games.
*Removed Steam Cloud toggle in the settings file (it didn't do anything); the ability to toggle is available in the Steam client.
*Removed logging for achievements to potentially reduce some FPS drops for some users.

*Tweaks to various areas to prevent units from getting stuck.
*Changed lootable rocks to be non-colliding as they could occasionally block very narrow corridors.
*Fixes to some level scripting logic in the Frosted Hills.
*Fixed a bug that could cause multiple Tower of the Moon entrances to appear in the world.
*Implemented a few specific boss room pathing fixes.

*Fixed friends list based achievements.
*Spell-learning achievements now don't incorrectly trigger based on other players.

*Fixed several typos.
*Improvements to journal tooltips.

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