Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Black Mesa Source's Impending Launch (Release Date Announced)

So I told several people it didn't crawl under a rock, croak, and die but nooooo they wouldn't listen. Ah sweet revenge. Black Mesa Source, a freeware full version Half-Life 2 mod, is a Source engine-powered remake of the very first Half-Life. I've been yammering about this science fiction-themed mod for years now (since 2008 to be exact) but it wasn't until May of this year that I've heard news that it's going to be finally released (after their missed 2009 deadline). Now though, their website is showing a countdown timer and things have just gotten real all of a sudden. The free PC shooter is going to launch this September 14.

Here are some comparison screenshots of what you can expect from this downloadable PC game:

Want to know what the finer details? Click "Read more." The download link can also be found after the jump (bearing in mind that you can't get it before September 14, 2012).

>>Click here to know the finer details of Black Mesa Source.

>>Click here to go to the official page.  

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A caveat: They're going to release it piecemeal. Rumor has it that the first release is going to take the player only until the Lambda Core level.

Image taken from the Black Mesa official Wiki

Yes, the neon lights are just so perfect for that song.