Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Enable FXAA in Darksiders 2

So a few days back I published my "Darksiders 2 PC Bugs and Video Settings Tweaks" article. In it, I detailed several ways to tweak the game's graphics settings using the Nvidia Control Panel. While this has worked for several people, some still cannot make the FXAA and other antialiasing settings stick. I believe I found a fix. Here are a few pictures of what I've achieved using what I've discovered (Darksiders 2 with FXAA Enabled but with ZERO antialiasing --- still noticeably smoother generally):

Screenshots taken from the IMBACORE Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=180717828626996

Interested? The fix after the jump.


The fix is simple: Download Tweakforce tweaked Nvidia driver from Tweakforce.com. Needless to say please download the correct version for your Windows operating system (OS).

Once installed (make sure you uninstall your current Nvidia video drivers first before installing a new version!), you can refer to the instructions detailed in my "Darksiders 2 PC Bugs and Video Settings Tweaks" article to tweak the various settings using the Nvidia Control Panel. For some weird reason, I found that my system takes a performance hit if I don't restart my PC (not just THQ's video game) after modifying any of the settings on the 3D Settings page.

Here are my Darksiders 2 video settings:

Good luck!

0 antialiasing; FXAA enabled 

Update: More recent Nvidia WHQL drivers now have Darksiders 2 3D game profiles so using vanilla Nvidia drivers now allow you to force FXAA settings on the game. However, you still might want to try Tweakforce drivers as they generally are lighter and display better image quality than the official Nvidia Forceware WHQL ones. 


Anonymous said...

Ahem. I guess Radeon users can go to hell :p

Ildamos said...

Dude very sorry about this; I cannot afford two gaming PCs. I wish I could but no dice.

Anonymous said...

Umm...anything for AMD/ATI?

Ildamos said...

Sorry but I can't afford two PCs. There are FXAA injectors but I've heard they only work for Nvidia cards too. Really sorry about this, if I had the cash I'd buy an ATI-powered PC too.