Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nvidia 178.15 Leaked Driver (Guru3d)

Video Card Benchmark Test

(A word of warning about this driver: right after I installed it, my PC did nothing. I found it strange as there should have been a prompt that should have asked me if I wanted to restart my PC. None appeared. I had to restart the PC the old-fashioned way. Also it's a LEAKED BETA. Install at your own risk.)

I installed the Nvidia 178.15 leaked driver (for Windows XP 32-bit) I got from Guru3d and while it's nothing spectacular, I do notice a bumped-up image quality that is more pronounced whenever I do a video card benchmark test with Lightsmark. I'll post the video card benchmark tests tomorrow.

Over the course of two months, my PC's performance has improved gradually what with the slew of video card drivers that Nvidia has been churning out. I can now play F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate with minimal stutter at higher graphics settings.

It's still 640 res but what the hell, the game's still a looker: