Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Xtreme-G 178.13 Video Card Benchmark Test

Video Card Benchmark Test

I did some video card benchmark tests with the Xtreme-G 178.13 video driver, which is based on Nvidia's 178.13 WHQL.

Graphics are even more awesome with this tweaked drivers and gameplay and video card benchmark tests go smooth with this one. If it weren't for the Digital Vibrance bug inherent with the stock Nvidia 178.13 WHQL, I'd give this one an Imba Award. :D

Who says nobody plays classic games anymore? This game has better AI than most run-of-the-mill games of 2005.


Rhilanthos said...

OMG! Now that is "Unreal" hahaha..

Shazbot said...

You my friend, are indeed, a gamer. ;)

xhtml coding said...

this is real unreal