Thursday, December 18, 2008

FEAR Update: FEAR 2: Project Origin Video Shooter Developer Videos

GameSpot has posted several FEAR 2: Project Origin video shooter developer videos the past few weeks and man, I can't wait until February. If the FEAR updates are any indication how awesome this video shooter will be, I think this will be one game that will have to be on my display shelf. I don't care how much this video shooter will cost when it hits the stores --- if SM will sell the thing, I'll buy it. Shell out and ask questions and deal with the missus later.

I just hope she won't turn into this when she sees the bankbook. My life is already akin to a video shooter enough without a naked ghost--- wait, maybe she's going to claw at me n---? (/me receives a bop on the head)

Anyway, the FEAR updates:

"... and one of the critiques that came from the community... said we were... confined in office spaces..."

"...augment that with a change in the volume of space...we went to places like a nuclear facility... we went to a school... we went to a hospital..."

Hmm. Dave Matthews clearly didn't play FEAR: Perseus Mandate --- that video shooter did have battles in expansive areas. Talk about Monolith really being hellbent in ignoring the Vivendi timeline. Still, the comments are very much intriguing; mayhap Monolith will integrate really large levels into this first-person game.

"We basically built a color story, much like they do in film... as things start to become a little more tense, you're gonna start to see more aggressive colors... as things start to become a little more subdued in the story, we're gonna bring down that color map..."

I learned something new with this FEAR update. Color story. Useful concept, that.

"The destructibility is much more immense." 'Nuff said.

In a PC video shooter, however, much of the game's success would largely hinge on its Artificial Intelligence. I saved the best for last:

"On a conceptual level, Monolith's AI works pretty simplistically. The complexity comes in the details. It's pretty analogous to the way human players think: 'I have a goal and in a game like FEAR the goal would be 'I want to kill the enemy.''"

"If the player decides to move to one side of the level or one side of the screen, the AI will choose the correct behaviors in order to engage him appropriately."

"It plays differently every time. It's very impressive."

Bring it on you test tube m****f***.


AC97 Audio Drivers said...

Color story sounds interesting, I guess suttle things like that make a difference. The AI sounds awesome. AI makes or breaks a game for me. Nothing worse than stupid AI characters.