Monday, December 15, 2008

Hard Drive Serial ATA and How it Affects Performance

Ordinary gamers have scoffed at my insistence on researching about what hard drive they should buy for their PCs, saying that size is everything. Do they know that a larger buffer size can reduce hard drive wear and tear? Probably not.

My thoughts about buying an additional small hard drive serial ATA just to house my PC's OS just got justified: Tweakforce just released a helpful article about the types of hard drive serial ATA and their effects on performance. Search for their "Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB Review" news article (date: Dec. 14, 2008); it also contains a wiki link about hard drive serial ATA and their performance impact.

Here's a collection of articles about hard drive serial ATA:'s SATA Hard Drive Performance Tutorial's What to Look for in a Hard Drive's Hard Disk Performance Guide

Really, you should read; there's nothing more annoying than having a PC that has powerful components that are being held back by data rate/bandwidth issues. (As an owner of an AGP 4X motherboard, I should know.)