Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Xtreme-G 180.70 Graphic Driver Tested Using (mostly) Freeware Benchmark Software

I did a driver update for my low profile video card days ago. The Xtreme-G 180.70 churned out a better overall framerate than its predecessor in F.E.A.R. (framerates below the 25 FPS mark has decreased by 3% from 21 to 18%.). The IQ with this graphic driver for GeForce GPUs is nothing to write home about however.

The results of the benchmark tests (using a 512Mb video card --- albeit a low-end one) can be found HERE.

Crayven APP-671 Artillery Terradynes rain destruction from behind a hill on forces of the Order of the New Dawn in Ground Control, a freeware downloadable game for Windows XP.

Readers might also be interested in this site's "How to Change Graphic Drivers for PCI and AGP Graphics Cards" article.


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Shazbot said...

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Glad to know you like my articles; they're mostly about tweaks, PC news, graphic drivers and shooter games. ('Used to be an RPG nut but what with the work, I have to settle for quick 30- to 1-hour gaming fixes that only first-person shooters can provide.)