Thursday, November 27, 2008

GameSpot's List of Freeware Downloadable PC Games

GameSpot has published "Cheaper by the Dozen," an article showcasing prominent freeware downloadable PC games. The freeware Windows games are mostly first-person shooters (FPS) with hybrid strategy games thrown in. While the list of freeware downloadable PC games is a solid one, consisting of Nexuiz, Alien Arena, Allegiance, and Tremulous just to name a few, I'm surprised they didn't include freeware Windows games War Rock and UFO: AI.

These two Windows XP freeware games are good ones that gamers shouldn't miss. War Rock --- while essentially a Battlefield 2 clone, is a superb shooter that touts decent enough graphics and an array of realistic War Rock weapons to make an arms depot proud. UFO: AI on the other hand is a Quake 2-powered turn-based strategy game that is reminiscent of X-com, which is widely considered to be a gaming classic, if not the greatest game of all time.

Two player-controlled Tyrants assail a Terran marine base in Tremulous, one of the Windows XP freeware games featured in the article.