Thursday, November 20, 2008

At Least I Tried

This was done in under 10 minutes and is unedited. I don't know if I'll refine this or not but I hope somebody will enjoy reading this. :P

"Well, at least you tried." Roflarx chuckled. The last of the Mark VI prototype's armor plating fell off, clanging hollowly in the stillness of the foundry. The gears, now exposed and unsupported, soon followed in a rain of circular metal pieces that pitter-pattered on the plates lying helker-skelter on the stone floor. Soon only the mana powerstone remained, a glass cube that powered the golem's actuators. It hung suspended inside the mass of metal that was the golem's frame; all semblance of the construct being a war machine now gone.

"Meh," Deermalx, the gnome artificer replied, sticking out his tongue,"I told myself it wouldn't work but I fooled myself." He took a playful swing at his companion with a bottle of lambanog but the latter dodged this with ease, laughing at the artificer's failure all the while. Sticking his tongue one last time at Roflarx, Deermalx climbed up the scaffolding surrounding what remained of the machine and snatched the glass cube from its housing. Instantly, all lights winked out and only the forges' fires illuminated the small gnome-made cavern.

"It's time to house this in another construct I suppose." Deermalx said with cheerfulness. Roflarx however, noticed the tinge of wistfulness in the other's tone. He didn't let that drag on however. He bopped the lead gnome on the head and the two soon chased each other around the foundry like two little children who just destroyed a sand castle.

"At least you tried haha!" Roflarx laughed in earnest, and ran out of the foundry and into the midday heat of the bustling streets of Praetoria.