Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dead Space Trailer

What is it with the profusion of games that feature anatomical damage nowadays? Fallout 3 has it. Dead Space, a horror-sci-fi third-person shooter for the PC, takes it to the next level --- headshots won't do much good in this game; you have to dismember your opponents to incapacitate and finally kill them.

For months, I have been blabbering about "I have a mountain of games I have yet to install and finish. Why should I buy a new PC?" A few of my friends have been derisive about it, thinking I am sourgraping but yes, I do have a mountain of games (not to mention truckloads of freeware like Nexuiz and UFO: AI) that I have yet to install. Now though I'm starting to feel the itch for a new system. You have to see this vid to see why:

Stirring music, great sequencing, solid color composition --- this is a must-see trailer.