Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tribes: Vengeance Fan-Made Military Science Fiction

This is a sci-fi short story I made that's set in the Tribes: Vengeance universe:

You freefall for several meters and land on a slope, spinfusor rounds exploding ineffectually all around you. You ski down the mound, your repulsors defying gravity even as your 500-pound power armor easily shrugs off enemy fire. You jetpack up another hill, gathering momentum as your telemetry sensors tell you the objective is close.

Somebody armed with a chaingun is chasing you, judging from the staccato you hear several meters behind. You pay the enemy soldier no mind; the objective is all. You crest the hill, activate your energy pods, and catapult through the air. You look down and you see the enemy base, naked --- naked like your love the day these blackguards landed on your country while their capital ships rained down tactical nuclear rounds on your world.

You close your eyes that have suddenly brimmed with tears and you see brown skin swathed scantily in red sheets; lips that moaned, sighed, and murmured your name; and a lithe body that moved with you gently, slowly, in that steamy room so long ago.

It was your honeymoon but they chose that day to burn away your home, your family, with particle cannons and nuclear bombs.

Your energy pods run out of juice and with the sun behind you, you freefall again, a falling Angel of Death come to slake its thirst for retribution.

"This is for Mary you m*****f*****s," you whisper, thumbing down the trigger. The mortar you're holding quietly coughs out a round, which arcs lazily down, screaming promises of dismemberment and obliteration...


Mrkirby2 said...

wow that was pretty random.

Shazbot said...

Thanks for reading! A War Rock and Tribes player; cool!