Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Definition of Video Card

A lot of persons judge video cards by the size of their VRAM in megabytes. "Hey man, I just recently bought a 512Mb ATI video card." When asked what model: "It's an X1550."

Gods of gaming.

Before delving into video card drivers or whether what one has bought is an Nvidia video card or an ATI video card, perhaps one should have tried to research the definition of video card; this would have saved the consumer from the ignominy of having been tricked into buying badly-designed video cards that can't even utilize the huge amounts of VRAM they come with.

Forget video card benchmark tests or video card drivers for the moment. It's high time that you should learn the basics. Here's a Tom'sHardware article that discusses all the basics of the definition of video card.

Don't be tricked into buying derelicts; learn!