Sunday, February 10, 2008

War Rock Premium Maps


In the digital oceans of the servers of Amped, there exist corridors of rusty metal walls, trees devoid of leaves, and dusty buildings where only elv--- I mean players who subscribe for premium membership --- can do battle.

This article will detail War Rock premium maps and will be updated everytime new ones come along. For non-premium maps see this article.

Close-Quarter Combat Maps

* Dark Glow

This narrow map is composed of a warehouse divided into three sections. Long walkways, railings, and decrepit machinery are what comprise the lay of this map. Outside, there's a large yard. Objects where players can hide line two sides.

Outside you are drenched in midday heat....

... while inside, light and dark mesh and create a forlorn scenery you commonly see in dystopian-themed B movies. Van Damme must be here somewhere, hiding.

Meager light sources suffuse the third section. You could almost imagine slavering people shuffling out the doors shouting "braaaaaain!"

But then again, if that happened it wouldn't be scary. Those double scorpions? They own in this map. They own hard. Some higher-level chic who was toting a shotgun even quit minutes after a deathmatch with me in this map.

* Rusty Nails

The smallest War Rock map to date, which is mostly made up of narrow corridors and small rooms, Rusty Nails is a CQC player's dream come true. The setting sun in this map bathes everything in an orange glow --- so much that it alters the color the healing serums of the medics.

* Velruf

Velruf is very well designed. Composed of sharp turns, long narrow hallways, and two city blocks separated by an expanse, every class except for the heavy trooper will have a place here. (At the moment the 5th class only has anti-vehicle weapons for its primaries so using a heavy here will be difficult to say the least. Engineers with their mines and shotguns can go toe-to-toe with the assault troopers here.)

Beautiful, beautiful trees that are devoid of foliage...

... and a pristine suburbanscape --- everything screams fall.

Yes, fall!