Saturday, February 2, 2008

War Rock Item: Crosshair 2

My first-year high school teacher would be happy to use this

"Aim better and kill faster." Hmm... I don't know...

War Rock Philippines has just released the PX item Crosshair 2 for all branches. How does it fare? These pictures will explain.

As before, the outer boundaries of this reticule push outward when you move; your accuracy will suffer the most when you run as opposed to crawling. Crosshair 2 sports more pronounced boundaries however.

This is what I really like about this game --- bunny hoppers are severely punished. No more annoying CS fanboys jumping around like lunatics. If you want a reality-based shooter, leave the Quake 3 tactics behind, please. (I never played CS: Source though so please feel free to correct me if this has been rectified in that version.)

Reticule tightens if you are still; here's the area where your first volley of lead will hurtle through. Don't read the chat lines in this pic; mind-boggling I tell you.

Don't stay in one area for long if you kill someone! They'll remember where you are lying in wait. Here, I rolled sideways and took this trooper by surprise.

The problem with this crosshair is that it nearly is an oxymoron --- a "cross" is formed by the white boundaries but there's definitely no "hairs" as opposed to the default reticule and Crosshair 1.

Budda budda budda! Danged text sound effects! Who remembers Sgt. Rock?

Here's where the problems with Crosshair 2 become apparent. With targets that are far away and no lines to let you instantly see where the red dot is in the heat of battle, your accuracy drops by an iota. Also I don't know if it's just me but I think the red dot is larger with this crosshair. It alleviates the accuracy problem a bit but comes with a price: try shooting at an enemy several blocks from you with a pistol and you'll see what I mean. They still drop like flies but damn if it isn't harder to do.

In the end, it's still a matter of preference but if you ask me, this one's perfectly at home with high-damage, low-accuracy weapons --- its outer boundaries' thick lines will let you see instantly how wide your shots will scatter while the absence of an immediately apparent cross will render it not as useful with weapons that need pinpoint accuracy like the MP5 or the P90, whose (relatively) low-damage rounds need you to score critical shots in the first fractions of a second when you encounter an enemy at close- or mid-ranges.

Still I applaud the designers for coming up with this. If I were to rent any of the following: a shotgun, the double scorpions, or the AK (when it comes to War Rock Phils), I'd definitely use this reticule.

Yes my teacher will really be happy with this. If you're awfully curious why, ask Scott. No, I don't mean the Linux guy.