Monday, February 18, 2008

Spybot Search and Destroy: SpyLantern False Positive?


I updated about two days ago and suddenly the Spybot S&D unfailingly detects the SpyLantern malware in my system everytime I do a scan. A-Squared and AVG detect nothing amiss with my rig. I did a quick search on how to remove it and found THIS. (PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT I have not been able to use the above for reasons I stated below. If you have an infection, I take no responsibility if something adverse happens to your PC if you use the procedure found in that link. Use at your own risk.)

However, when I tinkered with my registry, I found none of the entries listed. There was nothing to remove. I went to the Spybot S&D forums, searched, and got directed HERE. Here's a screenshot:

Judging by the team member's reply, this is a wrong detection (a "false positive"). Nonetheless, if you have similar problems, you should check for developments in that thread.

UPDATE: It's confirmed; it is a false positive. If you'll check the forums, you'll find a reply from one of the developers. (Though do check around with your PC a bit; you might have gotten the real McCoy.)