Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ATI Tray Tools Allows Radeon Videocard Owners to Create Game Profiles

What can I say? YAY!

I just read from Tweakguides.com's ATI Catalyst Tweak Guide that you can create individual game profiles using the freeware ATI Tray Tools. The procedure is in page 9 under "Game Profiles."

With customizable game profiles you can create aggressive graphics settings for your older games while having toned down ones with games that gobble up your PC resources. This way, you can enjoy maximized graphics with your classics while still having acceptable framerates when playing more recent games. (In contrast, global settings will force you to pick only average settings for all games lest your new games degenerate into slideshows.)

I am very much excited with this news (old as it may be) as this has always been what has been preventing me from buying Radeons. Now with a way to create individual game profiles I can finally consider buying AMD's* offerings in the $170-250 price range.

(* - AMD bought ATI so I've read.)

Take note that I have yet to scour the Internet for more feedback about the freeware's features and compatibility issues (if there are any) and that, needless to say, I have not used this software. Use it at your own risk.