Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Spent my Birthday Gunning Down Soldiers

Scrooge would have fainted.

Days ago, I spent about 180 PhP on guns and PX items and played War Rock from 7am until lunchtime. I rented the Double Scorpions, Desert Eagle, Crosshair 2, M14 anti-personnel mines, the 5th slot (still have yet to use it), the 20%+ experience package, and a 7-day premium membership.

Dressed to kill.

I finally got around to playing in the map Dark Glow, revisited Velruf multiple times, (I love that place; very well-designed) planted mines, ventilated chest cavities, and generally wreaked havoc. :D


1. Experienced my first ever high-recoil weapon. Here's my review of the Double Scorpions.

2. Played a 2v2 match in Dark Glow that soon became a 1v1 match between me and some shotgun-toting lady. She quit after more than five consecutive deaths. I won by tactics alone as the Winchester is really powerful. That was one of the best matches I ever played.

3. Had fun with mines; I really like the way they're forced to just walk after stepping on two of the things. >:) Evil me haha!

Speaking of moments here are two that were simply awesome: (These happened weeks ago.)

There are instances where you shouldn't follow "stick together" commands.

Served my raison d'etre as a heavy trooper: two tanks and a motorcycle, owned!