Friday, January 18, 2008

War Rock Weapon: Double Scorpions

Engineer-biased series of releases :p

The last time I posted news about new weapons, it was about the anti-personnel mine for the engineer class. War Rock Philippines has just released the Dual Scorpion, an SMG for that same class.

They may look wimpy with their uninspired wooden handles but judging from their damage rating, these babies collectively pack more punch than the M4A1.

Medics can use these too. With this addition the value of the engineer in the battlefield just rose up astronomically; I definitely will try a mine-laying, DScorp-wielding engineer as soon as work is done this month. Let's see if the damage is that good. (And the accuracy and recoil that bad lol!)

Here is a Wikipedia entry about the
Škorpion vz. 61.

I finally got around to renting the things and I must say, I have mixed feelings about the DoubleScorps.

If the guns were horses, War Rock would be a confused mess of a rodeo. With a recoil rating of 84, this is one of the weapons that will have you struggling for control the first time you use them. I did manage to kill several soldiers using the commonly-used burst scheme, but you really are at a disadvantage when you engage an enemy that's more than fifteen or so meters from you. If the guy decides to fall prone, you are virtually dead meat; while you are firing in intervals at a small target, he will be unleashing a continuous hail of lead if he happens to be using a low-recoil weapon. It's a no-contest.

The weapon will force you to employ tactics and to choose firefights. It's very, very good in close-quarter combat. Tight corners, small rooms --- these scenarios are where the DoubleScorps reign --- and they do it like tyrants because recoil aside, these little monsters gobble up bullets. Everytime you push the trigger, you hear this wonderful, wonderful sound of --- I don't know, it's like two half-meter long toilet paper sheets that are made of metal being suddenly torn apart; you can't make out the sound of their hammers striking the bullets, it's just one fluid, "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound that induces nirvana in hardcore shooter fans.

850 rounds per minute: unadulterated bliss. Watch those casings fly out of their chambers!

There's another problem though. Why did I say "half-meter long"? Imagine yourself tearing a half-meter long paper into two pieces --- that's the time it takes for the double scorpions to empty their magazines.

And then you have to reload.

You have to reload two guns and pray hard that no one pops up during that interim. This makes the weapon inefficient for FFA matches or CQB ones that have a large amount of players on each side as you will quickly run out of bullets. This can be fixed by using an ammo box though but I'm fascinated more by the M14 anti-personnel mine.

To summarize, these weapons are very good in confined spaces but are not suited for open areas. These submachine guns shine in Close-Quarter Battle maps, use them there and watch your score jump. You have to learn to control them though as they are very inaccurate, relying instead on their sheer firepower to lay waste to enemy troops. In large maps, choose your battles carefully and stay away from open areas as you'll be at a sore disadvantage in medium- to long-range firefights. Here, you're better off with the default MP5; true, you can practice and get better over time, but at a steep price --- for players who favor Urban Ops or Battle Group maps --- it's just not worth renting.

Yep, accuracy will win the day in large maps with lots of open areas.

Credits: Thanks to my wife for juggling the duties of a cook and a professional screenshooter while her Ethan MacManus-ish husband fragged away at lunchtime. :D Thanks also to Xtaskillz, Manonggard, FrOst_EntAngLE, Rrrm99, NAcky323, Ferrouslupusrex, KiDrOcK17, Ambhoy, Insen123, and InsanelyTriggerHappy for providing comments and observations before I rented the weapons.


Anonymous said...

wow, nice review about the guns. I love urbans ops, so i dont think i will but the doubles XD

bythway, Warrock is becoming gay for free players, even the g36 is member only :S

Shazbot said...

Thanks! I support freeware. :D I'm currently making a 2D art for a freeware remake of X-Com but due to time constraints (job) I have shelved it for days now.

Glad to see a fellow Urban Ops player. :D I usually end up 1st-4th place in 16-player or so matches but I get chewed up bad in CQC.

G36 has always been a premium item in our country. :( But well, anything that keeps this business operating for players seeking freeware!