Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling Like Caramon and Sam


After much procrastination (and shopping splurges) I finally bought a graphics tablet. I wasn't able to buy the one I wanted, a cheaper Genius G-pen, as the last of them was sold a week back. I got a Manhattan 5.5" X 4" instead. Damned thing costs as much as a (albeit smaller) Wacom.

I gave it a whirl and:

First try with a graphics tablet.

Ya, ya, guilty as charged; I colored the most interesting bits --- I mean parts, uh, huge 'uns --- I mean bits, ya, bits. Lol! Anyway, I think I got the part about filling in the base color all wrong, I think I should have paint bucketed it. But the shading is all fine though so I'm very happy with the art and the equipment. It's not a Wacom but...

... I'm home.


Kilawinguwak said...

what good parts? I see no good parts. if you colored her good parts, we'd be seeing naughty bits here. and your blog would have effectively become R-18.

Shazbot said...

Lawl! Don't tempt me haha!