Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Preventing Your Laptop From Being Stolen

If you can't beat them...

No you do NOT join them, --- good gods man!! --- you provide them resources to protect those insidious, unwieldy gizmos that will soon enough irradiate their testicles and make them produce offspring who will make neighbors think Kerrigan is their mother. Daemonprinces and Bloodthirsters from the Warp take my soul the moment I buy a laptop.

Unable to prevent the wave of traitors to gamerkind from buying laptops, I --- sigh --- resign myself to at least give them useful articles.

Here's one from PC World about how to prevent laptop theft.

And no Soren, unless you buy another one, you won't be able to play Fallout 3 bless your thermacrete-coated skull.


Rhilanthos said...

Dude. Aside from the usual precaution on physical and software security against identity theft due to stolen laptops. Here's a nice program which I found on the net which could get rid of those pesky hackers who love to use keyloggers

Shazbot said...

Thanks! Further reading on that subject:

I think Spybot Search and Destroy eliminates software keyloggers though.