Sunday, January 20, 2008

High-end Gaming Mice (as of Jan 20)

Allaying the wrath of shift leads

Lol! I still could remember the faces of my officemates when I told them I bought a 1,700 Php gaming mouse. They nearly choked on what they were eating. One was ready to fly into a fit, which oddly reminded me of my father whenever he learns of purchases I make related to gaming.

The truth of the matter was --- considering that it's a 2,000 DPI gaming mouse --- the price was dirt-cheap; I couldn't resist it.

Gamespot has released an article entitled "2008 Gaming Mouse Roundup," which features four high-end gaming mice that are being produced by Logitech, Razer, Microsoft, and SteelSeries.

These are the real McCoys, the heavy-hitters, the juggernauts. Not some dirt-cheap gaming mouse bought in a store where nobody knows that current Nvidia videocards have reached the 8800-mark.

While close friends --- and I myself --- won't probably be buying high-end gaming mice, the article still is a good read as it provides information about basic gaming mice jargon. Learn about the importance of DPS --- whose definition varies depending on whether one refers to mice or printers.

I hope you'll learn something new with this one and launch you into the path of quality gaming. Game on!