Thursday, January 17, 2008

YM Flavor Text

"Whoever said that artificers do not get bored with all their tinkering around for new war machine ideas?" --- Guardsman Vu-an Tahrmad of the Outer Gates of the city of Waladire

All those years of playing Magic: The Gathering have caught up to me. Now I'm writing flavor text for my YM avatars. Weird eh? Here are some that I made:

For my Desert Dreadnought painting:

"The mana-powered behemoth broke through the canyon wall, holding white death in its corroded frame. It gave a bellow, and a white bar of cleansing fire lanced from the rust-encrusted aperture that was its maw. The undead legion scattered..."

For the Clockwork Dragon painting that I and one of my friends made:

"It wheeled around and swept down, its solar cells glinting in the midday heat. Tubes made of hekalite flexed and contracted, and talons the size of longswords splayed out. The construct went in for the kill..."

And of course the one I made for my rough UFO: AI PHALANX soldier text:

"Rifleman Wilkes fired shot after shot of uranium-depleted rounds as the South African village started to disintegrate under a sizzling hail of energy bolts from the UFO. Things were starting to pour out of the ship, carrying particle-based weaponry. F###, Wilkes thought, the UN wasn't prepared for this! F###, no one is! A hut exploded on his right, as blue death once again spat from the hulk's laser batteries..."


Kilawinguwak said...

all creatures are 1/1. Wilkes has trample properties, and involves all creatures on the player AND opponent's play field.

Shazbot said...

I don't get the "involves" part but lol! at least somebody understands MTG! :D