Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Far Cry 2

Of free roaming AI, real weather effects, and a seamless game world..

Updated: See the update at the end of this article.

And so at last, we get to see the sequel of that amazing game that took gamers’ worlds by storm three years ago. And after all this time, what with Oblivion, Half-life 2 and all the stunning games that have long since been disgorged out of the gates of their developers, the series still lives up to its name.

These from Brad Shoemaker of GameSpot:

"The game simulates full weather patterns and air currents, so when you see clouds in the sky, they aren’t there because an artist painted them on the skybox–they’re there because the atmospheric conditions were right for clouds to form."

"…we saw a grassy field catch fire from an exploded fuel canister, and the fire actually began to spread in a particular direction simply because the wind was blowing it that way."

"…you’ll be able to roam around that entire world while it streams from the hard drive, without ever seeing a loading screen."

"One was eating a meal in a hut, two were patrolling around the premises, and so on…. none of these actions are in any way prescripted."

"…this behavior wasn’t at all scripted; instead, the AI had identified the truck as the best means of pursuing and attacking the player, and their route wasn’t at all set, either. The truck attempted to ram the player’s jeep a couple of times and took some shots at it…"

If this game plays like what they described it to be in its commercial release, what happened 4 years ago will repeat itself - all the other competition:

Layo’ ra.

See the preview here.

Update: Gamespot has released another preview of the sequel. View it here.